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It is situated on the east bank of the Ogun River, around a group of rocky outcroppings that rise above the surrounding wooded savanna. The town was also settled by missionaries in the s and by Sierra Leone Creoles, who later became prominent as missionaries and as businessmen. Another Dahomeyan attack was repulsed in Troubles in the s with the British in Lagos led the Egba to close the trade routes to the coast and to expel its missionaries and European traders.

In the kingdom was incorporated into the newly amalgamated British Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria. Modern Abeokuta is an agricultural trade centre rice, yams, cassava , corn [maize], palm oil and kernels, cotton , fruits, vegetables and an exporting point for cocoa, palm produce, fruits, and kola nuts. Rice and cotton were introduced by the missionaries in the s, and cotton weaving and dyeing with locally grown indigo are now traditional crafts of the town.

Abeokuta is the headquarters for the federal Ogun-Oshin River Basin Development Authority with programs to harness land and water resources for Lagos, Ogun, and Oyo states for rural development. Irrigation, food-processing, and electrification projects are included. Local industry is limited but now includes fruit-canning plants, a plastics factory, a brewery, sawmills, and an aluminum-products factory.

South of the town are the Aro granite quarries, which provide building materials for much of southern Nigeria, and a huge, modern cement plant at Ewekoro 18 miles [29 km] south. Abeokuta was a walled town, and relics of the old wall still exist.


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Sleepy Town with Lush Greenery! Maybe coolness drains out the longer one stays here for my youth service. My experience so far has been crazy! For one who has lived in Lagos all her life to live here is like going from sixty to zero. It is like going from fast pace to snail pace, which is not bad if you hate Lagos traffic. Scenery wise Abeokuta is breathtakingly beautiful…the hills and valleys, the rocks strewn around like forgotten playthings of Titans.

Everywhere is so lush and green! Abk can be likened to a sleeping giant…naah, a sleepy something sha. There is no cinema hall in Abk, they make do with a projector and a small screen.

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She arrived France at the age of 22 years, promised a plum job of modeling in Europe, but ended as a ‘prostitute’ who has sexually serviced over men so far; many of whom hardly wore ‘condom,’ while sleeping with her. Her Story In an emotional laden voice, she explained her journey into the infamy world of sex trade in Europe. I had a Nigerian boyfriend, Emeka, who used to stay here in France and normally come visit us in the village in Delta State.

He told me I am just wasting the beauty God gave to me anyhow in the village. That I should be serious so he could help me come to Europe, get a well-paying job by being a model in France. Since he was then my boyfriend and being that he had multiple entry Shengen Visa to enter the country I was relaxed thinking I was in safe hands. I’m 25 years old and I’ve slept with over a people and I just can’t stop. Whenever I feel so lonely, I smoke Marijuana Indian Hemp to get high and be relaxed that all is well, Emeka showed his true evil color I tried many times to know what he meant by that but he was not forthcoming, except that I should obey his instructions or else he will tell the Immigration or French Police to report me.

I was scared to be deported because i could still imagine the poverty my people at home were. Only few of them wore condoms after so much pressure.

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