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Life and career[ edit ] — In , he landed his first leading role in the TV series Rainbow Romance , then followed that by played a supporting role in Bad Family in and Golden Bride at the end of During live performances of the song on Music Bank and Show! Music Core , his part was performed by bandmates Yesung , Eunhyuk and Shindong. Knowing Bros, Universe Cowards and career resurgence[ edit ] With Super Junior on a temporary hiatus for much of due to the enlistment of four other members, he returned to hosting. In March , Heechul was confirmed to become a temporary host for Weekly Idol until October 5, when Jeong Hyeong-don ended his month break from television activities. The single “Narcissus” was written by him and produced by Jungmo, and it was his first collaboration with a female artist. The two stars are known as “Universe Cowards” when they promote music, which is a name they came up with for a Knowing Bros project group.

Lee Sung-min (singer)

After Hankyung’s departure, he was surprised months later by Siwon visiting him at a TV interview. Not only that, Siwon hugged him and assured Hankyung he always forgave him for all that happened during that time. During one stop of the Super Show 3 tour, the ELF started chanting for the still missing Kibum as the members introduced themselves. Leeteuk took notice and stood where Kibum should have been to do the introduction himself instead—but he didn’t stop there.

He also hopped into Hankyung and Kangin’s spots to do their respective introductions as well. The recent reunion of Hangeng and Heechul.

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My mom watching Judge Judy in the living room Length: Angst, drama, romance Rating: Kyuhyun is not going to let anything stop him from loving Sungmin, even if it means hurting him in the end. There should be a warning about what lies ahead, but it will just give away the whole plot, so I’m sorry about that. I hope I put my own spin on it nicely OTL.

With a gentle nudge from his mother, Kyuhyun follows the woman, her long black hair swinging behind her as she leads him and his parents down the hallway. The doctor finally enters the room, a clipboard pressed to her flat chest, brown hair twisted into a no nonsense bun. Her eyes are calculating and detached upon entering the room, but soften as she examines the pale, drawn teenager in front of her.

A male nurse enters only moments after, a plastic Zip-Lock full of syringes and needles in his grasp. He eyes the boy in the same, sad way, causing Kyuhyun to shift uncomfortably under their depressing gazes. He sees the way the doctor and nurse are examining his son, and it causes his heart to flutter faster and faster against his rib cage.

Super Junior’s Sungmin and His Wife Close Their Social Media Accounts… Really?!

JYJ’s Jaejoong and Super Junior’s Sungmin were recently discharged from the military after completing two years of mandatory service on Friday. The two K-Pop idols were greeted by hundreds of fans who greeted them on their return. Advertisement “I was able to complete my duties safely thanks to my comrades and people who have been cheering for me,” Jaejoong told Yonhap News.

He served the 55th Army division in Yongin. He is scheduled to hold a fan event on Dec. During the interview, the JYJ singer talked about which girl groups are popular among men in the military.

♡Welcome to my blog ^^ ♡ di blog ini menyediakan berita-berita baru tentang super junior, juga ada foto-foto dan juga fakta tentang si evil magnae cho kyuhyun, .

I don’t know how plausible that is, but if will it, I will. And I saw myself laughing and tearing. There are times I am dubious: I think some of you may be nodding your heads. Well, I have to say, SJ is more than a music group. I watched all of the SJ guide that one fan had uploaded for all 13 members, and I am like wow. It made me realize why I am a fan in the first place. I see each of them: You have no idea how different they are.

They are all different like night and day. Sure they are talented in the same things; singing and dancing; however, personality wise you would think that they would clash, But that is not the case.

Super Junior: My Dating Diaries

He challenged again the following year, and was being selected to be a trainee due to his rapping and dancing skills. Eunhyuk has a lot of nicknames. Eunhyuk disclosed when he was a kid, one of the rules of the public bathhouse was children above 7 years old are forbidden to enter the bathhouse of the opposite gender. However, because his father does not like to go public bathhouse, it was his mother who secretly sneaked him into the bathhouse until he was 8. This even led to the warm-hearted boss to invite them to perform personally.

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A List of real Kyumin facts and moments with references i. All Suju members have moved in and out and now everyone has his own room, but Kyumin stayed together. Ryeowook expressed his love to you! Video Link – At Taoyuan airport, Kyuhyun wanted to walk next to Sungmin even though there were other members to walk next to. Video Link – During a fan meeting, fans asked Kangin if Leeteuk and him are dating and Suju members were laughing. And they put all their stuff in one section together, because Eunhyuk took the other section xD.

From episode 13 – Sungmin was depressed during the promotion of his musical in Sungmin was so touched after listening to Sung Sikyung.

Thank you for nine great years

This is just a rough transcript. Solely for entertainment purposes: Siwon was introduced as:

Dec 17,  · Posts about Sungmin-이성민 written by OnlYurin. Super Junior’s Ryeowook uploaded some adorable selcas he took with fellow members Donghae and Sungmin.

They are one of the largest boy bands in the world. Through their performances, reality shows, interviews, dramas, plays, they are known for captivating fans with their catchy songs, dance moves, synchronized performances, powerful stage presence and the energy and charisma of each and every single member. Through the efforts of fans from across the world indicate that the status of Super Junior is indeed at the level of international sensation.

Summary Super Junior debuted on November 6th, The group is under SM Entertainment. There are a total of 13 members in Super Junior. The band debuted as a singing group, but are now also entertainers in each of their own respective fields like singing, acting, MCing, modeling, music composing, etc. Over the years Super Junior has been divided into smaller sub-groups. Each of these smaller sub-groups target different musical industries and audiences. They have received many awards and recognition for their work and will continue to receive more.

Sub-groups Super Junior K.

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He plays the piano very well. He cries easily Ryeowook wants to be more mature in Ryewook watches 6 dramas at the same time. Once, an MC asked SJ who was the worst at sports. However, Heechul stopped him.

SJ Malaysia Family We’re Super Junior Malaysia Fans Club, a new English Fanbase dedicated to our lovely SuJu from Korea. Our fanbase is officially open on 21st March Let’s make our fanbase grows more bigger in the future.

I’ll just simply explain reasons why Sungmin isn’t welcomed by Korean ELF and just a reminder that this is not a post to tell the international fans to hate on him too. I just personally found it frustrating to see international fans not being able to understand the korean fans and vice versa because I see the valid reason for them to be angry I don’t plan to be a supporter of Sungmin until he apologizes to his fans. He was completing his military service during the time; however, it was around this point of the year that Sungmin started to ask for marriage approvals to Leeteuk as well through letters.

He even bought a condo for Saeun and himself on February. He clearly didn’t consider the situation of his members and he was being selfish. They didn’t mind him getting married, but it conflicted with SJ’s schedule and they wanted him to push his marriage back several months around March. His mother said to a Chinese fanbase owner, “There is no parent that beats his child” which meant that his family didn’t want the marriage to be held so soon.

The reason Sungmin and Saeun wanted to get married on December 13, was because it was exactly a year since they’ve met. I suppose it was a special date to them, but Super Junior members were having a concert in Japan a week before the marriage and the week after which meant that they would have had to perform, fly back to Korea for the wedding, and then fly back to Japan to perform which would have been physically straining for the members, considering the fact they need to prepare and rehearse for the concerts.

As well, Sungmin missed concert rehearsals to go on a date with Saeun. Fans actually knew about them dating in advance but they decided to keep it quiet for the sake of Sungmin. When marriage rumors came up, fans started to ask for feedback from Sungmin. They just wanted to know what was happening and were nervous.

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Nazdrowie Read more from this author Suggest a correction to this article Last month, it was reported that one of the most popular K-pop acts during the second generation of Hallyu, Super Junior, would be making their long-awaited K-pop comeback. As part of the promotions for said comeback, Super Junior even opened up their official Instagram account , something fans have been waiting for many years.

Given the fact the last time Super Junior released new content was back in with “Devil” and its re-release “Magic,” many K-pop fans, especially those who are part of the boy band’s fan club known as E. However, not all of them are happy specifically with Sungmin. The members of a Super Junior fan site are banding together and calling for Sungmin’s removal prior to the boy band’s comeback.

Super Junior fan site demands that Sungmin be removed from the group https:

Super Junior T was the second sub-group of Super Junior. They are the first idol group known for producing trot music, which is the oldest form of Korean pop music. They debuted in with 6 members; Leeteuk, Heechul, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, and Eunhyuk.

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Super Junior Member Profile and Facts: Ryeowook

I like him because his beautiful voice. Since I like Yesung so, I will try to reveal some facts related to Yesung. Yesung is in first ranking.

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Posted 16 July – He knows martial arts? I didn’t know that! See I learned something new about him! That is cool that he does but to me he doesn’t look like the type who would but looks can be deceiving. I couldn’t help but stare at his lips when I was watching him singing. They were really nice. I think I just forgot that it was him in Finding Lost Time! At least I know now that it was him who was on there.

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