Well,we asked them the same question,and the way some of them met is just hilarious. Octopizzo and his Mzungu wife I saw mine on a billboard then I searched for her through the agency that advert which was in Japan 2. She also mentored many including Cuppie Ayoyka one of the ladies who attempted to becom a socialite but They have made our lives better by making us laugh away on relatable stuff that affects our daily lives and society as a whole. The premier comedy event which brings together top African comedians to entertain you,Nite Of A Thousand Laughs,celebrates its 5th year on 1st Aug. Footballers have now adapted to more sophisticated lifestyles unlike the olden days of football legends like Joe Kadenge. Top 5 Kenyan Football Dynasties With more than 3, football players in the country,Kenya continues to produce new talents from every corner of the nation and who knows,maybe on day they will all play in Europe a

Octopizzo Vows Never To Diss Khaligraph.

I’m a movie fan. That’s what I do to cool my head down after a long day This year, as far as the box office and TV shows are concerned, it has been great. The list below has been being updated thought-out the year, so don’t be dumbfounded on how sketchy but long it is. You may check out what I watched last year by clicking here.

Vapaa sukupuolen koukku alueella pohjois-Savon. Se on suuri lsnolo Toronto miesten ja naisten kanssa skkupuolen tai tarkennettu haku. Se on ollut Vapaa sukupuolen koukku alueella pohjois-Savon sepitelm vuosikausia, mutta minulla on ollut terveydellisi ongelmia, .

My list Posted by justrubyv on February 18, 1. Word is, he went out of his way to market the tape so much that he did Kshs. He has a record label, Kaka Empire, backed up by his own clothing line, Kaka Clothing. King Kaka was also part of the Blaze mentors as they toured major cities in the country mentoring youth. Khaligraph Jones Khaligraph has got to be one of the most consistent and hard working Hip Hop artists in the He had a great year, got featured on M. He also had several shows all over the country, was part of the artists who were motivating youth through Blaze, got featured on the Google ad and had not one but 2 brand endorsements with Tusker Lite and Tusker Lager.

Looks like the OG is looking to release his album this year at his own concert, a trend that is slowly becoming the norm.

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It has adopted a lot of pop culture influences, you cannot tell a gospel song apart from a club banger. I for one feel blessed to have been born in an era where gospel music was full of teachings and the music still speaks to me to date. The likes of Gloria Muliro, Eunice Njeri, Christina Shusho, Reuben Kigame, Esther Wahome and The Kasangas although this generation would not know who these are , have over the past released music that is touching and that can be related to in every aspect.

These are people we can gladly say, we know exactly what they are doing in the industry and whom we can call gospel artistes. Over the years, everything has changed and many artistes who claim to be gospel artistes have been releasing more of club banging music rather than music that speaks to the soul. Some of the newbies in the industry have clearly just messed everything up in the name of releasing music that is understood by the current generation.

News ☛ The student whose head was CHOPPED off on Thika Road sketched beautiful portraits of Kaka Sungura and Jaguar which the family now wants to give the musicians ☛ Find the real stories and opinions on — Trustworthy Kenyan news portal.

He has just released a statement confirming the rumors. Read his statement below I have finally heeded the calls on me to return to the All Progressives Congress APC , a party of which I was a founding member. After that, the leadership of the party in my Bako ward of Yola South Local Government Area visited me in my Yola residence to welcome me back to their fold. My decision to return to the APC was triggered by my believe that all politics are local. Almost everyone around me, and with whom we started my political journey believed the time had come for us to make sacrifices and make concessions.

That is in addition to the unbelievable love that my friends in the APC have showered on me in the past months. They demonstrated in words and action that they wanted me back home. I also did a deep and long reassessment of the circumstances that warranted my exit from the APC in the first place. I left the APC in owing to fundamental disagreements with the ways the chapter of the party in my state was run after it fell into some hands.

Some colleagues and I tried hard to save the then APC administration from an orchestrated impeachment plot which was unfortunately carried out with active collaboration of some ranking APC members in the state. However, events in the last 15 months have addressed many of the issues and healed some of the wounds.

“Đánh thức Vị Thần y Bản năng 3”: Giảm, tăng cân như ý – Không dùng thuốc

Nafahamu yamekuchukulia muda, lakini yamekuwa ni mambo yenye manufaa na changamoto kubwa kwa yeyote aliye ktk utayari wa kujifunza. Nimejaribu kusubiri majibu kwa maswali yale matatu yaliyobakia, lakini nimeyatafakari majibu na maelezo yako, naona umeyafikisha katika kipeo, hivyo nami nayarudisha maswali hayo ili niyachanganye ktk maelezo ya jinsi nami ninavyoliona jambo hili. Kama ambavyo nilikudokezea kuhusu ile tafsiri kama nilivyoiona ktk KJV, mawazo na tafakari yangu, ninavijenga ktk msingi huo mpya kama ilivyo ktk KJV.

Kwa hiyo twaweza kutofautiana kidogo katika hatua hizo za awali kulingana na hilo lililojitokeza. Kwanza, mimi ninapenda kuyaamini Maandiko kwa kadiri yanavyojifunua. Kwa hiyo ninapoisoma hiyo mistari miwili ya Mw 1:

Wish it was at a stadium but Kaka Sungura is smart enough to know that to get to the stadium, he will start at a theater holding less than people. So, we should really thank Davido for his shitty show because it just might be what we wanted to take Kenyan music and artistes to the next level.

My dad is one of the few men I utterly respect out of my own free will, without coercion, persuasion or reservation. He earned that position. In reciprocation, his patience and tolerance of my erratic and sporadic self is way beyond what any parent can stomach. Heck, I am not sure my twins will enjoy the same privileges from me!

In essence, my elder sister, who held my hand and convinced me to have courage, when I was six years old, to cross the bridge at Manza river when the waters were almost swallowing the said bridge, is the only other person whom I can say I talk to from the heart. Growing up, I adored my sister.

THE NIGHT WALKER! MMU LADY COLLECTOR OF ORGASMS! “I slept with them all and i don’t regret it!”

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King Kaka Sungura – Kenya: Octopizzo – Kenya: If You’re Dating A Fine Guy, Know You Are In Trouble – Alexx Ekubo. By David Chris November 15, Entertainment Ex BBnaija Winner Efe Reveals The Amount Left Out Of The 25m He Won At BBN. By David Chris November 15,

Mothers are a special gift and deserve all the respect in the world. They are our pillars and the reason behind our success. To appreciate his mother, Kaka Sungura aka Rabbit introduced his beautiful mother to the online community. My mom Queen Liz. May God bless you for the amazing work you have done. Na Mola akuongeze miaka mingi zaidi.

Pay artistes their money, four governors tell MCSK. Former Pop Star Pam Waithaka….

Experience Rabbit’s performance for FREE this Wednesday at Maisha Africa Night

I have muclimbano stories, including the stag party one and several others but since I dont want you to end year with your tree standing, I will reserve that for January. For now, I will update what happened during the first day of the holiday season. I should have written this in the morning but i woke up in the at 3PM after Sir chaos made me drink Yohana Mtembezi until morning. The disadvantage of Yohana is that it makes you get drunk with manners, not hobera hobera.

It cant make you refuse to know yourself. And if you want to refuse to know yourself, you must drink many many and in hurry and due to its prohibitive price, one must drink slowly slow, especially if you are not the one buying, rest you are told to do equal equal.

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I think pissed is an understatement but let us go with that for now. Everyone is talking of a magical number, Those are the number of minutes Mr David Adedeji Adeleke was on stage. No, there are no signs that the 37 minutes were jam packed and full of an awesome show that people will remember for years. But, think about it, Kenyans have been waiting for such a bad performance from a Nigerian for a while. If it was Kanye West who pulled that stunt, we would have seen it coming.

Heck, people would have turned up to just see how many minutes he would perform. But when a fellow bloody African tries to pull a Kanye West on us, then we have every right to be angry. I know he is just years-old and rolling in dough but he should be mature enough to respect the people who are willing to part with their hard-earned money to watch him perform.

King Kaka – Mistarillionaire (Official Visuals)