POSH to provide accommodation rig for Prelude FLNG hook-up

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Monadelphous to support TechnipFMC in Prelude FLNG hook-up work

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Once Prelude reaches its final destination, hook-up and commissioning phase is expected to take between months. A sixth towing vessel will join the five boats to keep the facility in place.

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Prelude 7: Demise of the expeditionary fleet

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Shell’s Prelude vessel ready for sailaway Constructor Samsung Heavy Industries says ,tonne FLNG vessel is 97% complete amid hopes unit will soon begin two-month journey to Australia.

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Prelude FLNG

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World’s largest ship, Shell’s floating LNG vessel Prelude, heading to WA

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Australia is currently entering what is set to be the largest packages of work it will see for the near future, namely the offshore hook up and commissioning of Shell’s Prelude Floating LNG facility and Inpex’s Ichthys Central Processing Facility and Floating, Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) Facility.

Feast your eyes on Prelude — the biggest vessel the world has ever seen. Since the end of last month, four tugs have been towing the m long and 74m wide facility from a South Korean shipyard to the WA coast. Prelude is due to arrive at the Prelude Offshore Gas Field at Browse Basin, km north-east of Broome, in the next couple of weeks and will call WA waters homes for the next 20 to 25 years. Prelude is part of a new wave of doing business in the oil and gas industry because it compresses a traditional land-based LNG plant into a tighter, mobile package.

It also removes the need for long underwater pipelines since it can be positioned directly over remote offshore gas fields. PerthNow The chains are connected to anchor piles that are 65m long and 5. The piles have been driven into the seabed above the gas field to keep Prelude securely in position.

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First LNG carrier hooks up with Prelude FLNG facility Shell is expected to test storage tanks of world’s largest LNG floater, but there is speculation ship’s call could be just a berthing drill.

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Sep 01,  · Best Answer: Vtec is a mechanical system, not an electrical system. Its a variable valve timing system that is physically part of the motor. You dont “wire up” VTEC. Its a system inherent to the engine. Just hooking up the H22 wiring harness to the H22 Status: Resolved.


Prelude FLNG


Shell’s Prelude FLNG facility has arrived at its Australian destination, approximately km North-North East of Broome. The following hook-up and commissioning phase of the project is expected to take between months.


Prelude FLNG is home